April 11, 2021

Dear North West Camelid Foundation,

My name is Kristin Wreggelsworth, and I am a fourth year veterinary student at Washington State University. I was fortunate enough to receive the North West Camelid Foundation Scholarship this year. I am grateful that the CVM Scholarship Committee thought of me for this scholarship, and I am very excited to put the award towards my future career.

To give you a bit of background about me, I grew up in Stanwood, Washington, on a small farm that primarily raises Angora goats and alpacas. I was involved in 4-H from elementary to high school, and I have had the opportunity to work with the current members in my old club numerous times throughout the years. I had the chance to work at a small animal emergency hospital for a year before applying to vet school. During vet school, I have been involved in a research project analyzing the behavioral changes of goat kids when administering different local anesthetic blocks for disbudding. My hope is that this research will lend support for the movement to increase the use of pain management in herd medicine.

i also helped provide small ruminant herd health for underserved members of the Navajo nation two summers ago. I was also involved in leadership positions in the Small Ruminant Club and Theriogenology Club over the years. I am hoping to continue to be involved in community outreach and education, especially at a client level, in the future. This past year, I participated in as many agricultural animal rotations as possible.

The next stage of my career will start in Prineville, Oregon. I will be accompanied by my two ferrets (Melibe and Sootie) and my corgi (Huckleberry). I was hired as a mixed animal practitioner at Prineville Veterinary Clinic, they are 70% small animal and 30% large animal. Once I get settled in and become more comfortable in practice, my goal will be to bring in more small ruminant and camelid clientele.

Thank you for supporting the WSU Veterinary program and providing us, as students, with the opportunity to explore our interest and gain practical experience to become better veterinarians. I hope everyone in the North West Camelid Foundation is able to stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.

Kristen Wreggelsworth
Pullman, WA

NWCF 2021 WSU Scholarship Winner: Kristin Wreggelsworth
NWCF 2021 WSU Scholarship Winner: Kristin Wreggelsworth
Kristin Wreggelsworth