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Over $17,800 Awarded in NWCF Scholarships!

The North West Camelid Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in partnership with the Oregon State University Foundation and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

NWCF 2017 Scholarship Winner:
Sam Seramur

                                                      April 2017
Dear NorthWest Camelid Foundation,

    Words cannot express the level of gratitude I have to be the recipient of the North West Camelid Foundation Scholarship. Please accept my sincere thank you for helping me to alleviate the financial burden that's required for pursuing my professional goals. Please know that the NWCF's willingness to invest in my education is highly appreciated.
    I developed my passion for camelids last fall by participating in an alpaca trans-vaginal ultrasound. I have come to realize that llamas and alpacas are amazing animals, and I look forward to continuing to work with them this summer.
    I was selected to participate in the Summer Agriculture Animal Rotation for the month of May. Through this program, I get to practice my clinical skills by working with all types of livestock, including camelids. This program costs approximately $500, so I am grateful that your scholarship makes this opportunity possible.
    I love camelids for their gentleness and bravery. Camelids working as guiard animals especially inspire me to learn more about them, and I plan to continue pursuing my curiosities toward them throughout my career. Thank you for investing in my professional dreams!

    Warm regards,
    Sam Seramur
DVM Candidate, WSU Class of 2020
WSU VBMA Long Distance Learning Chair

    I have just completed my first year of veterinary school at Washington State University.  Originally from Milwaukee, WI, I have been living in Washington state for the past three years.  Although I remain a devoted Packers fan, the Pacific Northwest has truly captured my heart.  I love to take advantage of the amazing geography by fishing, camping, shooting my bow, and riding my girlfriend’s horse, Adelaar.
    My favorite thing to do is bicycle tour because the experience provides so many unexpected treasures.  In fact, I met my first llama while riding from Seattle to San Francisco last summer, and that interaction strengthened my resolve to better understand this species.  Please know that your organization has chosen to invest in a future veterinarian that is committed to being a life-long learner and advocate of camelids.  I’m excited for what’s to come! ~ Sam

Our NWCF Scholarship Recipients Thank You!

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Your donation check should be payable to:
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Oregon State University Foundation
850 SW 35th Street
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Thank You!

NWCF 2016 Scholarship Winners:
Adrienne Cheney & Ester Kastella

                                                            May 2016
Dear NorthWest Camelid Foundation,
    Thank you so much for your generous donation of a scholarship to the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine. I am the lucky recipient of this award from the Class of 2019. I feel very honored to have been selected for this scholarship and will do my ver best to live up to your belief in me.
    I am helping with camelid research this summer and look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge about these wonderful animals. Your donation has definitely helped ease some of my finacial stress and I plan on using the scholarship money for books and to offset tuition fees.
    Thank you for supporting the work being done by veterinary students at OSU and thank you again for believing in me!
    Ester Kastella
    Class of 2019

                                                     May 2016
Dear NorthWest Camelid Foundation Members,
     Thank you so much for honoring me with the NW Camelid Foundation scholarship. I am beyond thrilled to be receiving it. This really comes with perfect timing, as this year I am enrolled in a Camelid Medicine and Surgery course.
     I am just so grateful that there are so many opportunities in this region to work with people passionate about camelids.
     Thank you again!
     Adrienne Cheney, OSU CVM Class of 2017


NWCF 2016 Scholarship Winners:
Lucia Crane &Courtney Dewlaney

2015 Scholarship 2015 Scholarship
2015 Thank You

                                                            May 2015
Dear NorthWest Camelid Foundation,
      I cannot thank you enough for your generous gift! This scholarship truly means so much to me! I am finishing up my first year, but I have big plans for my future. I plan on going into large animal surgery. Throughout my undergraduate work at California Polytechnic State University I shadowed a large animal veterinarian who did a lot of camelid work , and I just fell in love with them! They truly inspired this small town horse girl to branch out and seek a career treating multiple large animal species.
      I love that Oregon State has incorporated camelid into their curriculum . I originally started vet school at St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies. Because Oregon State was always my top pick and due to their excellent large animal hospital, I elected to transfer here, and I have never been more happy, I absolutely love OSU and the curriculum and this scholarship is really inspiring.
      As summer is quickly approaching, that means evaluations are right around the corner. I try to volunteer at the large and small animal hospitals here at OSU as much as possible so I not only get the opportunity to learn from clinical cases and to apply my knowledge but it reminds me why I study so hard in order to chase my dream. This summer I have an internship at Pioneer Equine Hospital in California and I am vet-teching at a small animal hospital. I am also going to Australia to work at a koala hospital.
    Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart! You are making my dream come true!
    Courtney Dewlaney

2015 Thank You

                                                     May 2015
Dear NorthWest Camelid Foundation Members,
      I cannot thank you enough for the scholarship! I have always wanted to be a veterinarian, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. With the support of wonderful people like you, the financial burden is lightened.
      Also, thank you so much for your support of camelid research. I was lucky enough to work over the summer with Dr Steiger-Vengas on a research project aimed at better characterizing the cardiac abnormalities that camelids are prone to with CT. It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to expand my knowledge of imaging techniques and the anatomy of camelids.
      Again, thank you so much for your support of the college and its students. Your support provides opportunities taht enrich our education and help us to achieve our dream at joining the wonderful profession of veterinary medicine.
     Thank you,
     Lucia Crane

NWCF 2014 Scholarship Winner is Erin Bennett

Erin Bennett

Erin Bennett is a veterinary student at Oregon State University.  She grew up on a farm in Northwest Washington State and was involved in the 4-H program.

Erin’s extensive background with animals, including llamas, inspired her to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She hopes to work at a mixed large and small animal practice upon graduating in 2015.

Congratulations, Erin!

June 20, 2014

Dear North West Camelid Foundation,

       I cannot thank you enough for the scholarship! It has been a life long dream to attend vet school but the significant financial load is concerning. Especially as an out of state student which is double the cost. As a 4th year student I can almost see that light at the end of the tunnel! I can't wait to graduate with the ability to help animals and the people that love them :)

Erin Bennett, OSU CVM 2015


Elsbeth Centola2013 NWCF Scholarship Winner
Congratulations to Elsbeth Centola

Elsbeth Centola grew up in Central Oregon where there is a large population of small ruminants, particularly dairy goats and camelids.  She very much enjoyed working with camelids with the mixed-animal practitioners she mentored with. 

Having clinical experience with camelids prior to veterinary school has benefited Elsbeth in large animal medicine and surgery courses and in theriogenology when working with camelids.  During her undergraduate studies, one of the professors in animal sciences was a DVM and a camelid medicine specialist who offered weekend experience with camelids, and Elsbeth attended to husbandry, nutrition and veterinary care when needed. 

Elsbeth hopes to continue to work with camelids since she plans to settle in Central Oregon in the future. Being sufficient in camelid medicine would give her a leg up in a mixed animal practice in the area. Congratulations!

History of the NWCF Scholarship Endowment

In 1993 the NWCF directors approved funding an annual Scholarship for a student pursuing a degree in the veterinary medical field. A Scholarship Committee was formed under the leadership of Bob Wynia. He and other volunteers developed the qualifying criteria, distributed announcements of the award and evaluated and selected the recipient. Included in the criteria besides scholastic achievement was an interest in care and treatment of llamas and alpacas.

The Scholarship was to be funded by a raffle. An interested farm was asked to donate a pair of pet male llamas. Tickets were sold at the Llama Bazaar held in conjunction with AgFest at the State Fairgrounds each April. Donating ranches over the years included Llamas of Central Valley, Bob and Betty Barkdoll; Chula Llamas, Dick and Pat Wickum; Sijama Llamas, Bob and Marilyn Wynia; and Glenmor Forest Llamas, Morris Wendorf and Glen Pfefferkorn. In later years, merchandise items were added such as cd players, radios and other electronic gadgets.

Ticket sales in those early days exceeded $1,000. When the raffle fell shy, the directors funded the short fall out of the treasury or member donations made up the difference. In September 2001, the Board with the approval of the Jan Crabbe family transferred $382 from the Raven Hill Fund to the Scholarship fund. Jan, under the name of Raven Hill Llamas, had been a llama breeder in the Corvallis area. When she succumbed to cancer, her llama friends contributed to a memorial fund established by her family with the NWCF. They agreed that being part of the Scholarship Fund was a fitting tribute to their mother.

In 2001 the Board recognized the administrative work, staying in compliance with Internal Revenue requirements and establishing a stabilized funding source mandated that a different approach was needed. After careful deliberation a challenge was issued to llama owners asking they make donations to the NWCF Scholarship Fund to be established in partnership with the Oregon State University Foundation and the College of Veterinary Medicine. For each dollar donated by an individual, NWCF would match the donation with four dollars, up to a maximum matching grant of $10,000. To meet the required fund balance of $12,500, individual donations of $2,500 were required.

In 1999 the association had sponsored its first ALSA-sanctioned llama show as part of AgFest, in addition to its annual Llama Bazaar. Under the leadership of superintendent Justin Timm, the first dual show held on the west coast was a barnburner. After the bills were paid, $11,000 went into the treasury. This windfall earned through the efforts of one of our youth was identified as the source for the matching funds. How better to recognize his efforts in perpetuity then to use that money to ensure a Scholarship was awarded every year to other hard working individuals and to eliminate the need for annual fundraising.

On November 14, 2002, NWCF director Glen Pfefferkorn signed the Endowment Fund Agreement with the OSU Foundation. This agreement set forth the criteria, the selection process and the awarding of the Scholarship. All administrative work was transferred from NWCF to the Scholarship Committee of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Local veterinarians were instrumental in getting the donation drive off to a fast start. Dr. Paul Jones contributed $100 and challenged all other vet clinics to meet his donation. Drs. Pat Long, Kecia Smilie and Greg Fisher met his challenge.

Thanks to the following llama owners, the balance of the $2,500 needed for the matching grant was quickly met.

Velta Mack   Fred and Susan Hamlin
Glen Pfefferkorn   Rose and Frank Heston
Lester and Barbara Reed   Landis Consulting
George and Kathi Landis   Ridgeview Llamas
Morris Wendorf   Randy and Barb Lovre
Susan Baldwin   Ray and Diane Thompson
Louie and Cheryl Derting   Judy Robbins
Jeff and Molly Westmoreland   Bruce and Mary Jo Polette
John and Joan Griffin   Bill and Jeanie Fogle
Steve and Susan Sertic   Harry and Joyce Abrams
Don and Ruth Halligan   Bob and Betty Barldoll
Dr. Tom and Maggie Keck   Bill and Marianne Moore
Bob and Marilyn Wynia   Dale Heisler and Susan Walker

By March 31, 2003, Foundation treasurer Dale Heisler received notice the NWCF Scholarship Fund was fully funded.


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