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Washington State University NWCF Scholarship

At the 2016 annual meeting of the NWCF Board awarding, a $1,000 scholarship to a Washington State University was approved. The President agreed to pursue establishing the fund with WSU.

In October 2016 an agreement was signed by Glen Pfefferkorn, NWCF President, John Gardener CFO, WSU Foundation, and Bryan Slinker, Dean, WSU College of Veterinary Medicine, establishing the North West Camelid Foundation Scholarship.

Since NWCF did not establish a separate Endowment, the scholarship was established with the Washington State University Foundation and will be administered within the "Friends of the Veterinary College Endowment Scholarship Fund." The initial gift was $1,000. Additional gifts are encouraged and should be directed to WSU Foundation Account #2505-8168, NWCF Scholarship.

Without a separate endowment to generate funds to support an annual scholarship, donations must be made each year to fund an award.

Recipients of the award must be a full time DVM student, have an interest in camelids or pursuing a specialty in the camelid industry, and have a financial need.

Our first award was presented in April 2017 to Sam Seramur.

The 2018 WSU Scholarship Award was presented to Victoria Wilson.

NWCF 2018 WSU Scholarship Winner: Victoria Wilson

March 29, 2018

Victoria WilsonDear NorthWest Camelid Foundation,

I am honored to be the veterinary student selected to receive the NWCF Award. I am writing to send my immense gratitude for your support! I am currently finishing my second year of veterinary school in Pullman. I did my first year in Bozeman, MT, as part of the WIMU cooperative program since I am a Montana resident. This past year I was actively involved in the following clubs: Small Ruminant Club, National Member of AAEP, Vice President of the Theriogenology Club, Wildlife Disease Association, Student Member of AABP, Veterinary Business Management Association Member, Ag Animal Club, and Student Member of the Montana Veterinary Medical Association.

Upon completion of my DVM, I plan on returning to Montana and practicing large animal medicine. I would like to work on every thing from small ruminants and camelids to cattle and horses. I also have interest in the wildlife-livestock disease interface I hope to pursue, especially the brucellosis problem.

My passion for veterinary medicine started a long time ago. I grew up on a smaller commercial cow-calf operation in Pony, MT. We also raised sheep, goats, a few pigs, and horses. I participated in 4-H for ten years. My introduction to camelids has mainly been in the veterinary curriculum. We participated in an alpaca-handling day last year in Bozeman. What has captured my interest the most about camelids is their reproduction. In Theriogenology Club, we have learned many of the unique strategies there are for breeding management in camelids. I the future, I am interest in basic care and breeding management of camelids. There is a growing demand for veterinarians capable of being able to treat camelids, and I hope to meet these demands!

Again, thank you so much for your support for the students at Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine! Without the financial support from donors like you, many students would not be able to pursue their academic goals and interests at this collegiate level. I truly appreciate your generosity!

Victoria Wilson
DVM Candidate, WSU Class of 2020

Our NWCF Scholarship Recipients Thank You!

Who will it be next year?

Make a Donation to NWCF's WSU Scholarship online today at
Friends of the Veterinary College Endowment Scholarship Fund

Or send a check payable to:
Friends of the Veterinary College Endowment Scholarship Fund
specifiying the NWCF Scholarship Fund Account #2505-8168
in the comment area or in correspondence.

WSU Veterinary Development Office
PO Box 647010
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-7010

Thank You!

Our Mission: Raising funds to support education and medical research
for the health and well-being of camelids worldwide.

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