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Over $26,300 Awarded in NWCF Scholarships!

The North West Camelid Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in partnership with the Oregon State University Foundation and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

NWCF 2018 OSU Scholarship Winner Meredith Bleuer

Meredith Bleuer

What this scholarship/award means to me:
   I am so appreciative for this amazing scholarship. Not only does this money relieve my student debt burden, but it also is encouraging to have donors supporting this chosen career path.
   Veterinary medicine is such a wonderful, collaborative and supportive field and I can not thank you enough for helping in my education and introduction into the career.
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Meredith Bleuer
Class of 2019


Pfefferkorn-Wendorf 2018 Camelid Scholarship Winner
Lauren Furrer

Lauren FurrerWhy I chose veterinary medicine:
   I have a deep compassion for all living creatures, and plan on spending my life advocating for them. This includes both sick and healthy dogs, cats, cattle and everything in between.
   I love the production system, and believe in humane treatment of livestock. Being a veterinarian allows me to not only treat sick animals, but also keep healthy animals in a good quality of life.
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Lauren Furrer
Class of 2018


Pfefferkorn-Wendorf 2018 Camelid Scholarship Winner
Stormy Scharzenberger

Lauren Furrer

Why I chose veterinary medicine:
   The veterinary profession provides the perfect platform for me to contribute to human and animal wellbeing simultaneously. This field brings my passions in animal husbandry, medicine, and research together into a meaningful career.
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Stormy Scharzenberger
Class of 2020

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Scholarship Endowment Fund in the comment area
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Oregon State University Foundation
850 SW 35th Street
Corvallis, OR 97333-9900

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Our Mission: Raising funds to support education and medical research
for the health and well-being of camelids worldwide.

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