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NWCF Owner Conference ~ March 4, 2017
Veterinary College, OSU Campus

Acupuncture/Alternative Therapies

Parasites & Vaccines
Camelid Research Round-Up
Camelids 101 for New Owners

Pasture Management
Embryo Xfer/Assisted Reproduction
Geriatric Findings from Necropsy
Camelid End-Use Products

Youth Block of Sessions


Dr. Tim Holt, Colorado State University

    [PowerPoint presentation: Alternative Therapies, 37mb]
Dr. Jeffrey Lakritz, Ohio State University
Dr. Julie Dechant, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Scot Lubbers, Amazia Veterinary Services, and
Dr. Rachael Oxley, Juniper Country Veterinary Services
Dr. Gene Perelli, OSU Extension Services
Dr. Charles Estill, Oregon State University
Dr. Christiane Lohr, Oregon State University
Kim Biegler, Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill, and
Eric Stoneberg, Stoneberg Alpacas
OSU Vet Students

NWCF's Central Oregon Visit a Hit!

For years, central Oregon alpaca and llama owners have trekked across the Cascades to support medical research fundraising events. On September 10, 2016, the Foundation took its fundraising event to them.

Ron and Gail Wilkinson agreed to host a fundraising event with a catered barbeque lunch of chicken and tri tip, baked beans, potato salad, garlic bread and Bend's best salsa at their R & G Acres ranch. Tents were set up on the back lawn to provide protection from the late summer sun. Guests could visit the herd of 30 plus selectively bred llamas, visit with old friends or start new friendships. Each table was centered with a potted chrysanthemum and information about the North West Camelid Foundation.

NWCF President Glen Pfefferkorn presented a summary of the thirty year history of the Foundation and its focus on medical research and education. Over $20,000 has been awarded in scholarships to students interested in alpaca and llama medicine and over $560,000 invested in medical research and support for the research herd at Oregon State University.

Featured speakers were Dean Susan Tornquist and Dr. Chris Cebra of the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Cebra was accompanied by 14 senior veterinary students who were at OSU for the two week Camelid Medicine course. Dr. Cebra and the students dropped by after visiting an alpaca ranch earlier in the day. Among the students was one from Germany, one from Canada and a visiting student from Wisconsin.

Col. Long, aka Dr Pat Long, veterinarian from Corvallis and Vice President of the Foundation, pressed the crowd to fetch top dollar for the donations from various authors and alpaca and llama owners. The Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Cooperative sold products with 10% of the proceeds being donated to the fundraising efforts. Monetary contributions, fully tax deductible, were encouraged. Total collections exceeded $10,000.

The event was coordinated by NWCF Directors Dr. Rachel Oxley of Juniper Country Veterinary Services and Mary Jo Walker from Port Hadlock, Washington. Marianne Moore, and other directors, Olin Allen, Ann Dockendorf and Bill Cameron helped with cashiering, clerking and miscellaneous tasks at the event.

Thank you to all who participated in the event and helped make our visit to Bend a success. We appreciate your continued support. Thanks, too, Crescent Moon Alpacas for loaning us tables and chairs.

Donations to protect the health and welfare of our beloved camelid friends are always welcome.
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NWCF 2015 Education Conference
& Fundraising Reception

by Glen Pfefferkorn for the SouthWest Washington Llama Association newsletter

The Education Sessions

About 70 alpaca and llama owners gathered March 7, 2015, at Magruder Hall on the Oregon State Campus for a day of learning and updates on the latest research. Dr. Julie Dechant, UC Davis, kicked off the conference with a general session sharing the latest in camelid research. Registrants then selected one of three concurrent sessions to attend.

The fiber option, coordinated by Eric Hoffman, Bonney Doon Alpacas, Santa Cruz, California, offered sessions on fiber production, harvesting, processing, marketing and end products. Northwest shearers discussed expectations when a shearer arrives at the ranch. Local owners shared ideas about various end products and others discussed marketing options. The Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Cooperative reviewed its experience and success.

Others chose to update themselves on various issues from alternative therapies, reproductive challenges, critical cria care, geriatric care and broken bones and abscesses. Dr. Ahmed Tibary, Washington State University was featured in this track.

The final choice included two sessions of Camelid 101, parasites, pasture management and nutrition. This section featured Eliza Trickett, Regional Representative for Mazuri Feed. Mazuri was a $1,000 corporate sponsor of the event in addition to donating 12 bags of premium alpaca pellets for the Fundraiser. Eliza explained nutrition requirements and benefits from pellet supplements. Drs. Scot Lubbers, Brush Prairie, WA, and Paul Jones, Woodburn Vet Clinic addressed topics of interest to beginning owners. Dr. Lubbers spoke about fences, housing and medication. Dr. Jones talked about breeding, birthing and babies.

The Early Evening Reception

At 5:30, after the learning sessions ended, a Fundraising Reception was held in the Lobby of the Veterinary College. This was an alternative fundraiser from the sit-down banquet held for the previous twenty five years. Hors d'oeuvres of smoked salmon, Willamette Valley cheese, crudite platter with ranch and hummus, spinach and artichoke dip with sliced baguette, Marion berry streusel bars and meatballs was offered with wine and beer.


Besides conference participants, various OSU Vet College staff and registrants of the International Camelid Health Conference were present as guests of the NWCF President. Thirteen states, Germany, and the UK were represented among the ICHC veterinarians. Silent auction items were available to peruse and bid on during the Reception.

International Camelid Health Conference veterinarians attended   Dean Dr. Susan Tornquist

At 6:30, after introduction of event volunteers, newly appointed College Dean Dr. Susan Tornquist was introduced and presented a signed, numbered print of a Desert Roadrunner which turned out to be her favorite bird from her days in the Southwest. After brief comments she introduced Dr. Chris Cebra, Chair, Department of Biomedical Sciences and G. Pfefferkorn/M. Wendorf Professor of Camelid Medicine.

Dr. Cebra's presentation, "30 Years of Camelid Research at OSU" was well received. His first slide "Where it all began" mentioned the first gathering of llama owners in the Willamette Valley in 1986 and included a copy of the first Newsletter distributed by the Willamette Valley Llama Association dated April 1986. His presentation was a walk down memory lane for owners present who attended that first meeting or joined the community shortly thereafter. He mentioned our rally on the Capitol steps in Salem with llamas which helped persuade the legislature to save the vet college from elimination during budget cuts.

(view "30 Years of Camelid Research at OSU" as PDF)

  What has OSU contributed to camelid research?

Several (now retired) staff members and veterinarians were remembered. Two members, critical to those early camelid days on campus, Drs. Brad Smith and Karen Timm were present for the presentation. His final slide "What We Have Done Since 1986" clearly set out the fact that Oregon State, with the support from Willamette Valley and Southwest Washington camelid owners, has published more scientific articles than any other university with a camelid program.

Kirk Gresham, auction announcer, Monte Mesing, Auctioneer, and Kelley Marchbanks, OSU Vet College Director of Development, (aka Vanna White), then took over the floor for the oral auction fundraiser. Some items offered for auction included: Mazuri Feed Pellets, Quality Llama Products portable feeder, Frank watering station, vintage Brush ceramic cookie jar, COLA Festival Package, Les Schwab battery, Alpaca Magazine advertising, Calvin DeJong original metal art, waterford crystal, a week end in Las Vegas and Sea Glass Art from Maine.


Medical books authored by well respected veterinarians drew spirited bidding and raised just under $1,100. Drs. Norm Evans, Missouri; Ahmed Tibary, WSU; LaRue Johnson, CO; and OSU'S Chris Cebra had made donations to promote research. For those present, all of the authors were in attendance and available for a photo or to make a personalized inscription.

High selling item of the evening was two tickets to an OSU football game in the "by invitation only" Valley Endzone Skybox. This includes front door shuttle service, hot buffet, drinks and snacks, pre and post game shows with President Ed Ray, coaches and players. The winning bidder paid $1,000 for this opportunity. The winners will attend as guests of Dean Tornquist, Glen Pfefferkorn and Morris Wendorf.

The evening ended with a paddle raise. This provides an opportunity to make a fully tax deductible donation with the mere raise of a bid number. Generous donors contributed $7,820.

The eventful day ended with preliminary numbers showing about $17,000 in the coffers for investment in additional alpaca and llama medical research.

Thank You for your Contributions and Support.
Together we make Alpacas & Llamas healthier!

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The NWCF is a 501(c) (3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.
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